time to switch up, making the page look DIF!! by like tomorrow or later..

Hmm I need new clothes.. something sick though..

- A$VP Rocky Capsule by Black Scale


- Culture Japan Aka Danny Choo

Shes sooo Hawt Dayum! LOll.

- Elizabeth, LBC Studios.

oh p.s. I have no clue what her last name is.

Look at this pic, no no like really look at it.

what do you see?

- Lee Chae Young

I feel like this fox.

3:51am I cannot fall asleep….my eyes are heavy.

- Project Noah

This is my new crush,

I know I knoww every week I change.

It’s k though.

- Vanessa Phil <3

Yes. oh so fresh.

- Creative Recreation

Victoria Secret needs more Asian models. 

Amy Fay? Easily Qualified.

- Amy Fay

'Half Japanese' 'Freckles' 'Tanned' 'Taller then like 5 feet'<- MY TYPE<3

And has a boyfriend. oh. actually. dam. say word? yeh. sucks.

hah who knows though, maybe she likes this song as much as I do ; )

R.Kelly Bump and Grind

2 years ago - 7

Changed my mind.

 Beckie Sexy Joon, don’t act surprised.

- Beckie Joon

Mickey Mouse bag✔ 
Alice in Wonderland dress✔ 
Star studded shoes✔ 
LOLO!!✔And pulls it of.✔
-Tokyo Fashion

Mickey Mouse bag 

Alice in Wonderland dress 

Star studded shoes 

LOLO!!And pulls it of.

-Tokyo Fashion

You know? I&#8217;d probably just frame this hoodie somewhere, too sick to wear..

- Kidrobot!!

You know? I’d probably just frame this hoodie somewhere, too sick to wear..

- Kidrobot!!

- Ruby Rene   

Nudie jeans, my only jeans.

Nudie jeans, my only jeans.



- Kim Hyuna